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Global Dairy comprises some of New Zealand’s most experienced business leaders in dairy manufacture and consumer brand marketing. 

With 3 generations of family involvement in the industry, spanning 60+ years.  We know Dairy.

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To develop, manufacture

and supply value for money

dairy and dairy replacement

products for use around the




 We believe in exemplifying the values traditionally associated with New Zealand

• Ingenuity

• Dependability

• Honesty

• Quality

• Keeping it simple



Our products are proudly developed in conjunction with

our partner, Melbourne based specialised flavour ingredient

supplier Flavorjen.

Flavorjen supplies flavour ingredient solutions to the food,

beverage, health and wellness manufacturing sectors


All dairy formulations are proprietary

to Global Dairy Limited

and Flavorjen.

What We Do

Finished Goods Supply



- Analogue / Pizza Cheese

- Natural Cheese

- Mozzarella

- Cheese Ingredient bulk starter blocks 16-20kg

Butter / Bakery Fat


12.5kg & 25kg blocks, 1kg sheets

Butter Natural  - salted / unsalted 

Butter Replacer - made from vegetable fat. Can be used as a 100% replacement or blended with butter. 

Milk Powders


Whole Milk - WMP

Instant / Regular / UHT Powder

Skim Milk - SMP

Instant / Regular / Low / Medium /

Regular High Heat, Heat Stable / UHT Powder

Infant Formula


 Toll Processing & Finished Product

Dairy / Infant Formulations

- 1/30gm sachet

- 75/90gm pack

- 400/1000gm pillow pack

- 350/900gm can



OEM & Branded solution from Australia.

150ml, 200ml, 250ml, 300ml ,330ml ,350ml 375 ml combi

Tetra Slim 200ml & 250ml with straw

Tetra Slim 1L

Tubs 50ml - 185ml with spoon

Bag in Box (BIB) 2L, 5L, 10L, 22.7L

Cups 300ml, 400ml with straw

Lactoferrin >95%

Lactoferrin, milk, liquid infant formula,

Powder made from 100% fresh milk using a combination of protein extraction, ultra filtration, freeze / spray drying and milling.

No additives are used in making this product.

Lactoferrin as a % of TOTAL PROTEIN above 95%



GMO free

5kg Foil Bags

36 months Shelf Life

Pricing ex-works Australia- from $3000 usd kilogram

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Global Dairy Limited



Butter Replacer 12.5kg

  • Made from blended vegetable oil
  • Product Appearance & Consistency: A uniform, pale yellow appearance. Traditional butter colour, which can be modified to meet client specific requirements  
  • Product Taste: Characteristic buttery taste, which can be intensified if required
  • Product Aroma: Characteristic buttery aroma 
  • This product is primarily designed for use as a replacement (part or full) for butter in end uses such as shortening of gluten in biscuits, cake batter, dough, ice cream manufacture, sautéing foods and sauces
  • This is MUI HALAL and suitable for an ovo-lacto vegetarian (a vegetarian who does not eat meat, but does consume some animal products such as eggs and dairy) as well as Lacto-vegetarian – (a person who abstains from eating meat and eggs, but who eats dairy products) Either as a 100% replacement or blended with butter at whatever ratio required
  • High melt point
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Produced from a sustainable natural source
  • Its freeze thaw stable
  • Provides mouth feel and texture to finished products 
  • In cookies or biscuits provides more elastic dough than butter with a good baked  colour. 
  • Butter icing; will whip quicker than butter providing a good mouth feel and texture
  • More pliable for easier application to cakes and slices
  • Gives a crisp texture to biscuits and shortbread 
  • Has less flavour fluctuation; i.e. butter changes over the milk curve 

Nutritional Information

Nutrient    Per 100g

Energy (kJ)       2980  (712cal)

Fat, total (g)       80.5

saturated (g)       38.1

trans (g)       0.7

polyunsaturated (g)       10.7

monounsaturated (g)      31

Cholesterol (mg) LESS THAN 3

Potassium (mg) 1

Lactoferrin >95% of total Protein


Description and Applications

Lactoferrin is a glycoprotein which   occurs naturally in milk and which has a range of bioactive functions, including antimicrobial activity and iron binding  capacity. Lactoferrin is suitable for use in products to support the immune and gastrointestinal systems, including nutritional and sports formulations, tablets and capsules. 

Shelf Life

36 months if stored under specified conditions.

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated, odour free area, away from direct contact with floors or walls.

Temperature should not exceed 25ºC and relative humidity should be below 65%.


The standard export pack is 2 x 5kg foil sachets in a cardboard carton. Packages are printed with ID Code, manufacturing and expiry date. No staples or metal fasteners are used.

Halal & Kosher Certification

This product is manufactured under Halal and Kosher conditions. Halal and Kosher certificates are available on request.

Chemical Specification

Protein %   Min  95.0  Typical 98.5

Moisture % Max  4.5  Typical 1.0

Lactoferrin % protein   Min 95.0  Typical 96.3

Flavour            Clean / Bland 

Colour             Salmon Pink

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